Pipe and Drape for Tradeshows, Events, Concerts and Backdrops

Pipe and drape is by far the most popular rental item at Showtime Event and Display.  It is the most cost effective way to transform a space, and used to form booth spaces in the majority of all tradeshows.

Pipe and drape is exactly what it sounds like – drape threaded on aluminum pipes.  This horizontal pipe is supported by two vertical uprights, and attached to sturdy metal bases.  Once all pieces are in place, it is completely free standing, and additional sections can be added to form booths, divider walls, etc.

A typical tradeshow booth consists of an 8’ high back wall, and two 3’ side walls.  Pipe and drape can also be used to mask off unsightly areas of a venue, or to divide the space and direct traffic.  In many cases, black pipe and drape is used on stages for productions and concerts as a back drop.

Our pipe and drape comes in a wide variety of colors, and can be setup at 3’, 8’, 12’, or 16’ high.  We can almost always setup our pipe and drape to effectively suit any event or venue.

Please contact any one of our offices in Vancouver (& Whistler), Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Penticton for pricing and availability.